March 5, 2008

Governor: Increased Car Fees Idea "Dormant"

The Democrats don't want to have the reputation in an election year of increasing fees on everything imaginable as a way of circumventing TABOR after all. They wanted Republicans to take some of the heat. When Rep. Joe Rice, (D-Littleton) couldn't find a Republican co-sponsor, he drooped the idea of increasing car registration fees.

The Denver Post is reporting that that the idea is "dormant."

[ Bill ] Ritter "challenged lawmakers to pick up the ball and move it down the field," said his spokesman, Evan Dreyer. "At this time, there doesn't appear to be any movement."

The Republicans are tired of being the legislative victims of the old bait and switch con game:

Rep. Frank McNulty, R-Highlands Ranch, called the fee increase a "nonstarter for us from the beginning."

"Until we fully protect the dollars we have going to transportation right now, we can't start a new conversation," he said, speaking for Republicans who are fed up with transportation dollars being "siphoned" for other departments.

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