December 17, 2007

Report Doesn't Deliver Help to Ritter's Cause as Advertised

From a Denver Post article about Gov. Bill Ritter's strained relationship with the Metro Chamber of Commerce:
Meanwhile, the Bell Policy Center, a liberal think tank, released a study Thursday reviewing studies that show partnerships usually improve management-worker relations, efficiency and customer satisfaction if structured properly.

"On balance, we found for the most part they have been positive," said Rich Jones, Bell director of policy and research.

Nevertheless, this uncritical citation of the Bell paper ignores a major problem I previously highlighted with its application to the Governor's pro-unionization executive order:
The report presents zero evidence of so-called “partnerships” producing the alleged positive effects in a workplace (much less a state government - because it’s never happened before) where no previous union representation existed.
Just a quick clarification. And a very important one, I believe, should we expect to have any serious debates on this topic.

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