December 3, 2007

Post: Ritter Deceptive or Incompetent?

The editors of the Denver Post leveled more criticism at Gov. Bill Ritter this weekend for his unionization executive order:
Either Gov. Bill Ritter knowingly deceived Coloradans and sold them a bill of goods with his executive order on labor unions, or he doesn't understand the law.

We're not sure which is worse.

When he issued his disastrous order giving state workers collective bargaining rights, the governor assured Coloradans that state workers couldn't strike.

After all, he said, it's right there in his order.

But executive orders can't trump state law, much less Colorado Supreme Court decisions — no matter how many times Ritter and his supporters say so. It was either deceit or ignorance. Take your pick, but neither bodes well for Colorado.

Neither option is appealing: Is our governor in the back pocket of Big Labor special interests, or just their unwilling dupe

Many Coloradans may be surprised to see they're actually getting what they voted for. A classic case of buyer's remorse.

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