December 23, 2007

Resume Building Exercise

The Gazette had it right when it said:

We welcome any good news from the war zone. But is anyone else wondering what business Ritter has on a taxpayerfunded junket (which it is, whether or not the Pentagon is picking up the tab), aside from the rather flimsy explanation that Colorado National Guard troops are in the thick of it? It smells like a resume-building exercise.
The Gazette thought the whole trip was a waste of Bill Ritter's time and taxpayer money:

There might arguably be some benefit in a governor who never served getting a little direct exposure to the people who do. “I have not had a military background,” Ritter said in one news story. “It is extremely helpful for me to see this on the ground.” But the National Guard’s mission in Iraq has little to do with the role it typically undertakes under orders from a governor. We think that’s a weak justification.

We're wondering where Bill Ritter expects to take his new foreign and military credentials. Is he planning a run at the vice-presidency?

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