February 5, 2008

Bill Ritter: Doing The Right Thing, Maybe

We're often critical of Bill Ritter because there is much to be critical of. When he does something right, we need to recognize and applaud his action.

The Coloradoan reports that he is seeking to see if Tim Masters can be compensated if he is fully exonerated. It is the right thing to do.

If he forced Masters to sue for compensation, a large verdict would discourage prosecutors from ensuring justice was done when new evidence was uncovered. They would attempt to keep the innocent in jail to save their jurisdictions from paying damages.

The Fort Collins police department is very likely liable for its actions in the Masters case, which means the taxpayers are liable. That is very likely one of the reasons that the prosecutor has refused to clear him, probably unjustly.

For a lawyer, Bill Ritter is pretty messed up. Not this one time.

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