February 5, 2008

Bill Ritter - For Gun Control or Against?

We like to tell the story of two Republicans who live about ten miles apart. We met them while we were knocking on doors and making phone calls for Bob Beauprez.

One voted for Bill Ritter because he thought Ritter would protect hunter's rights better than Bob Beauprez. The other voted for Bill Ritter because he was certain that Ritter would work for gun control.

This last guy was a gun control nut. When informed that this author had purchased a shotgun after finding a burglar in the house one night, he said "he didn't kill you, did he?" That's the gold standard among gun control nuts. Of course, they have no compassion for those who do die or are raped when their gun is beyond their reach, or they have no gun.

Today, the GJ Sentinel reports that our two Republicans will find out which was the greater fool:

A panel of state lawmakers gave initial approval Monday afternoon to a bill that could criminalize the careless storage of firearms.

Sen. Sue Windels, D-Arvada, said the ready availability of firearms in some households has fueled teen suicides and school violence, and lawmakers should discourage the negligent storage of weapons.

Senate Bill 49 would make it a misdemeanor offense for an adult to fail to safely and securely store a firearm, which a 16-year-old or 17-year-old child could then use to harm someone or take the gun to school.

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