February 27, 2008

Destroying Colorado's Economy and Values One Commissioner Appointment At A Time

Bill Ritter got himself elected by promising to be pro business. He is not.

When it comes to destroying the Colorado economy and Colorado values, Bill Ritter won't be doing his own dirty work. He does it by appointing anti-economy commissioners to the public commissions so that they can work below the radar.

Bill Ritter appointed anti-coal plant activist Matt Baker to the Public Utilities Commission. Baker's not so secret goal is to try to drive up the costs of cheap coal so that his favored means of electrical production can compete.

Bill Ritter appointed a former judge, Federico C. Alvarez to the Commission on Judicial Discipline over the staunch objections of the chairman of that commission. John Holcomb, a University of Denver law professor and 13- year member of the commission, opined that having 5 judges or former judges on the commission would destroy its credibility.

Now, Bill Ritter has appointed six new anti-oil and gas advocates to the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. Democrat Senator Chris Romer reportedly is concerned with the nominees. The Grand Junction Sentinel reports:

Sen. Chris Romer, D-Denver, said while he will support Ritter’s nominees, it is “with a lot of caution.”

Romer said the worst tax any business can incur is uncertainty.

“I would just ask you to be very, very thoughtful about the level of uncertainty you stir up,” Romer said.

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