November 18, 2007


This, like other blogs I write for, will hopefully be published daily, probably excepting major holidays. As with the other blogs, all writers are volunteers, and get paid nothing for what they write.

It may take a few days for us all to get on schedule and up to speed, so please be patient. While we knew this blog would come into existance, we were late in setting up our alerts. Of course, the holiday won't help.

Hopefully I can limit my writing to two posts a week, given my other obligations, but who knows?

Most of my posts will be short and easy to read, except the next one, which will be a longer reprint of a fisk job (definition) I did on a Rocky Mountain News editorial just before the election. It was fun to write at the time, and while I haven't looked at it for more than a year, I think it may set a tone for this blog.

I am, and will be "a watcher."

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