November 27, 2007

Who Ever Heard of Morgan Liddick?

Bill Ritter most likely wishes he hadn't after he reads this lucid takedown in the Summit Daily News. We can't top this and doubt that many can. Read the whole thing.

I have to give the governor credit for consistency. When it comes to pursuing the agenda of the left, he knows how to put the pedal to the metal. He talks a good line, too, almost good enough to make a person believe that having the government grab your wallet with both hands while telling you that it knows better than you what to do with your money and your life is the reasonable thing to do.

Instead of trying to distill his most excellent work on the economics of what Bill Ritter is trying to do to us and how, it is fun to look at the left wing drones who have no counter to his arguments other than vitriol:

The best thing the Summit Daily News can do is deny your access to the paper and save the space you take up for something worth while. I also suggest that you move to Kansas, Wyoming or Mississippi where your column would get rave reviews from people who agree with you.

Does the Summit Daily pay you to write this dribble and Neo-con propaganda ?

Not to mention:
What my PRESIDENT is doing with my money does shock me. I can't help but wonder if you're not just an act - like Stephen Colbert - because I find it difficult to believe that anyone could be so deliberately obtuse.

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