November 18, 2007

Welcome to Ritter Watch

Welcome to Ritter Watch, a new blog dedicated to tracking the record of Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter (D). With his congeniality and charisma, Ritter started his term in office with a lot of leeway. But after signing a property tax increase without a vote of the people and unionizing state employees by executive order, the political honeymoon is over. Regarding the latter, as the Denver Post wrote:
When Coloradans elected Bill Ritter as governor, they thought they were getting a modern-day version of Roy Romer, a pro-business Democrat. Instead, they got Jimmy Hoffa.

Ritter campaigned under the guise of a moderate “new Democrat” but now we know he’s simply a toady to labor bosses and the old vestiges of his party — a bag man for unions and special interests.

This blog's purpose is quite simple: Keeping an eye on Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter (D), especially his efforts to raise taxes, grow government, and give political payback to union bosses.

Please bookmark this site as your one-stop resource to keep track of Ritter's record.

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