November 30, 2007

Ritter To Deliver Democrats' Weekly Radio Address

Tune in:
Democrats have chosen Colorado Governor (Bill) Ritter to deliver the party's national radio address on Saturday.

His remarks will be broadcast on major radio networks at 9 a.m. (Mountain time) Saturday.

Ritter says he'll talk about the "positive, problem-solving vision" offered by moderate Western Democrats.

He says he'll also discuss his initiatives to strengthen the role of renewable energy in the state economy, and why he thinks the nation needs a new direction.

Ritter calls it "a great honor" to give a national address.

He says he thinks the "can-do spirit" in Colorado speaks to what people around the country want from their leaders - and from the next president of the United States.
After leading the way in backroom deals and environmental moonbattery just this past week (scroll for earlier posts), it's about time for some national attention and party love!

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