January 16, 2008

Ignoring The Constitution

The Rocky Mountain News reports this morning that Bill Ritter's lawyer threatened to sue the Commission on Judicial Performance:

Trey Rogers, Ritter's chief legal counsel, told Rick Wehmhofer, the commission's executive director, that he expected Alvarez would be a full participant in that meeting. Holcomb claims Rogers threatened a lawsuit if the commission did not comply.

[ John ] Holcomb said the commission was concerned about a law that makes it a misdemeanor to reveal its confidential information, since [ Federico C ] Alvarez hadn't been confirmed by the Senate or sworn in.

The meeting proceeded without Alvarez and the commission voted to seek an opinion from the attorney general on the matter.

Holcomb said Rogers again threatened a lawsuit when the commission would not tell him what other business took place at the meeting.

The state constitution both authorizes the Commission and requires that it act in secret, even from the Governor and his lawyer. If the Governor finds it inconvenient to follow the constitution, we suggest that he find other work.

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