January 6, 2008

Denver Post: The Honeymoon is Over

The Denver Post also opines that the honeymoon is over:

Now, with a quarter of his term behind him and the honeymoon phase over, observers are watching to see whether Ritter overcomes political inexperience to lead his party through what could be an era of monumental reforms in health care, education and transportation.

Other nuggets included this comment on renewable energy:

But pushing renewable energy, by some accounts, wasn't really that contentious. Voters passed a constitutional amendment in 2004 requiring some utilities to generate 10 percent of their power from renewables by 2015. And governors across the West were pushing proposals similar to Ritter's.

"There was really no cost attached to it," said political analyst Eric Sondermann. "The real thrust of the Ritter administration is as of yet undetermined. The rub is going to come very quickly."

The funniest comment:

"We can't find a blue ribbon anywhere in town," said Senate Minority Leader Andy McElhany of Colorado Springs.

There is some really good stuff in this very long article. We strongly recommend that folks read it.

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