January 23, 2008

Tearing The State Apart

Was Bill Ritter last in line when Our Maker was was handing out common sense? It would seem so.

He is making appointments that can't possibly be defended. Last week, we learned that he had appointed a fifth judge to the state Commission on Judicial Discipline. The 13 year head of that commission testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee that doing so was a really bad idea. It would lead to the perception that judges could not be

Now, we find that Bill Ritter has appointed a man, Matt Baker, who is an avowed opponent of coal fired power plants to the state utility rate setting commission.

We can only guess that Bill Ritter wants to completely destroy the Colorado economy by substituting wind and solar power for coal. If those kinds of plants were cost effective, they would be built without government intervention or coercion. That is how the free enterprise system works.

What will it be next week?

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