January 8, 2008

Tax Hikes On The Horizon For Colorado

Don't think so? Just wait until Democrat Gov. Bill Ritter unveils his plans for the state in two days, especially on the hot-button education, transportation, and health care issues:
Gov. Bill Ritter spent his first year in office talking about tackling Colorado's biggest problems - health care, transportation and pulling higher education funding out of the cellar.

He appointed blue ribbon commissions to get buy-in from interest groups on possible fixes and to nail down costs.

By the fall, Ritter was signaling he might back a tax increase for one of the big three needs.

Thursday, Ritter will stand before the legislature and update his vision for Colorado at his second State of the State speech.
Specific plans won't be known until the speech, but we can be assured that our wallets will feel the effects.

When will the tax-and-spend demagogues admit that the Referendum C tax increase, sold to voters as a panacea for Colorado's budget ills, was merely the tip of the tax-increase iceberg--especially now that both houses of the state legislature and the governor's mansion are in Democrat hands?

When hell freezes over, I suppose (which will be a long, long time due to that other bureaucratic nightmare, global warming).

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