January 11, 2008

Why Bill Ritter Is Still Paying The Price

Today's Denver Post panned Bill Ritter's State of the State speech as "uninspiring."

Gov. Bill Ritter's State of the State address Thursday sounded more like an
interim report by the Milquetoast Committee than a stirring call to action.

The Post was a cheerleader for the governor throughout the election, to the point that its coverage of Bob Beauprez was clearly calculated to damage Beauprez. It didn't consider the possibility of a HB 07-1072 and was taken aback when that surfaced immediately.

Even though Ritter vetoed that bill, he still had an outstanding IOU to labor, and paid it with his executive order. The Post was sufficiently upset that it published an unusual front page editorial.

Things haven't been the same since. The question isn't "why" Bill Ritter is paying a price, it is really how long he will be paying it.

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