January 10, 2008

What Ritter Didn't Talk About

Sometimes a major speech by an elected official is as noteworthy for what wasn't said as for what was said. Such might be the case with Gov. Bill Ritter's State of the State Address today. Not a single mention of two very significant acts made during his first year as Colorado governor:

1. A property tax increase he championed without a vote of the people that we just learned will take an extra $2+ billion in revenue from Colorado homeowners and business owners.

2. A Friday afternoon executive order that reconfigures state government labor relations, creating "partnerships" (read: collective bargaining) that promise to fill union coffers.

You know, when you look closely, it's not altogether surprising Ritter doesn't want to talk about these two significant acts of his administration. But be assured that Coloradans will hear a lot more about them.

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