January 29, 2008

Ritter Merits Bipartisan Rebuke for Harmful Over-Regulation Proposal

The Associated Press reports today - via the Aspen Times - from the State Capitol that Gov. Bill Ritter has received a stern bipartisan rebuke for trying to over-regulate the energy industry, in effect harming the bottom line of many Colorado families:
Republican and Democratic lawmakers sent Gov. Bill Ritter a strongly worded letter on Tuesday saying that proposed regulations for oil and gas production are "unacceptable" and would cripple the industry, which brings in $23 billion a year and employs 70,000 people in Colorado.

"We are gravely concerned that the draft rules will have a punitive impact on the industry at a time when already high energy prices are pinching Colorado's working families like never before. As written, the draft rules are unacceptable," said the letter, signed by nine Republicans and two Democrats from across the state.
His rhetoric aside, this story is further proof that Ritter is governing on behalf of narrow interests on the Left, rather than advancing policies that benefit the state of Colorado.

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